Work creates data.
T-K gives it meaning.

T-K from CKM Analytix makes sense of your operational data, increasing efficiency by 40-50% while simultaneously improving service quality and mitigating risk.


Focus on what matters.

T-K cuts out the noise providing you clear, actionable insights that boost quality of life, quality of work, and effectiveness of employees and partners. 



Transparent, actionable insights means happier customers and employees. T-K empowers employees to make logical, customer-centric decisions and see the effects before their eyes.



Happy employees perform better. We free your data to cut out wasteful spending, improve performance, and tell you what’s wrong so you can fix it. 



No more relying on your gut. Easily spot risks, make informed business decisions real-time, and minimize service interruptions.

In minutes, T-K provides insights that:

  • Eliminate bottlenecks
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Optimize stakeholder engagement
  • Maximize SLA performance
  • Mitigate previously unknown risks 

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