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CKM Analytix Site Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Version: November 2019

Your use of (“Site”, “systems”) and any other services of CKM Analytix, Inc (“Company”, “our”, “us”, “we”) – including CKM Advisors LLC and CKM Advisors Ltd) – is subject to the following Terms and Conditions of Use (“Terms”, “policy”) unless superseded by a separate contract or services agreement with our Company. If you are a client of our Company, please refer to our Master Services Agreement and/or any other engagement contract for terms specific to our relationship.

By accessing this Site, viewing or downloading content, sending any content to us or otherwise voluntarily interacting with our Company you agree to abide by these Terms, without limitation or qualification. If you do not agree with any aspect of the Terms, immediately terminate your use of the Site and do not provide your data to our Company via this Site or other means other.

Your use of our technical systems to submit personal data to our Company represents your legal agreement to the privacy policy documenting how we collect such personal data and the use of that personal data by our Company. “Personal data” / “personal information” means any information that identifies individuals for potential employment or any other relationship with the Company. If you do not agree to such use of your personal data do not submit that data to us using our technical systems or via any other means.

1. Intellectual Property and Copyright

All material on this Site, including but not limited to logos, text, illustrations, guides, images, graphics, icons, videos, audio, downloadable documents, trademarks, trade names, service marks and logos is the exclusive property of CKM Analytix or its licensors and is protected by United States and international copyright laws. All rights not expressly granted are reserved.

2. Permitted Use

Subject to your full agreement and compliance with the Terms, CKM Analytix grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to access, download and display content on the Site for your own internal business or personal use. You may also make a single print copy of any Site content, but only for your own personal and noncommercial use. Any printed or downloaded version of Site content remains governed by these Terms in perpetuity. If after downloaded or printing any Site content you no longer agree to comply with all aspects of the Terms you must immediately destroy any physical or electronic copies of Site content. You may not modify the Site’s content in any way. You may not reuse or otherwise redistribute content from the Site without the expressed written consent of CKM Analytix.

The referencing of or inclusion of any 3rd party company, individual, product or service on the Site does not represent an endorsement or relationship with CKM Analytix unless explicitly stated otherwise.

3. Notices of Infringement

If you believe that any content on the Site infringes on your intellectual property right, or infringes on the rights of an entity that you represent, please write to CKM Analytix at:

Legal Department
CKM Analytix
200 W 41st St
New York, NY 10036
Such communication must include: (a) clear identification of the material or materials claimed to have been infringed, (b) clear identification of the presence of that material on the Site, including any relevant URLs to note the exact location of the material, (c) your affiliation with the claimed infringed material and full contact details including mailing address, telephone number and email address, (d) the following two statements: “I hereby state that I have a good faith belief that the disputed use of the copyrighted material is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law.” and “I hereby state, under penalty of perjury, that the information in this Notice is accurate and that I am the owner, or authorized to act on behalf of, the owner, of the copyright or of an exclusive right under the copyright that is allegedly infringed.” (e) your physical signature.

Upon receipt of this communication CKM Analytix will take whatever action it deems appropriate.

Note that false or abusive use of such notifications may violate the law and CKM Analytix will aggressively pursue all relevant legal action against entities filing false or abusive claims.

4. Disclaimers

Content on the Site is provided for informational purposes only. Your review of this information or any action you may take based on this information does not represent a formal rendering of professional services from CKM Analytix to you.

All content and functionality of the Site are provided “as is” and without warranty of any kind either express or implied. CKM Analytix makes no warranty as to the accuracy of Site content. CKM Analytix has no control over nor responsibility or liability for any information published on other websites, including sites with published links on our Site.

CKM Analytix shall not be liable for any damages or losses of any kind sustained in relation to your use of the Site.

5. Waiver

CKM Analytix’s failure to enforce any aspect of these Terms is not a waiver of its right to do so at a later date.

6. Governing Law

The laws of the State of New York in the United States of America govern these Terms, except for its conflicts of laws principles.

7. Modifications

These Terms are subject to change. Such changes may be made without prior notice.

8. Privacy Policy for Personal Information

We respect your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information.

The following passage outlines our collection and use of personal information via this site or provided to us via other means.

If you do not agree with these terms or do not want our Company to have your personal information do not submit that personal information to us via this site or any other means. Your voluntary submission of personal information to us represents your legal agreement with these terms. You are not required to provide us with any personal information, but a failure to do so may result in the Company being unable to proceed with your application for employment or other interaction.

Any information you present must be true and accurate.

How do we collect personal information?

We collect personal information in several ways to conduct our business operations, including but not limited to:

  • Information you provide to us via e-mail, letter, package, telephone call, social media interaction, visiting one of our offices or interacting with a member of our team.
  • Information you submit to us via this site or other technical systems such as our recruitment application.

What type of records and personal information do we collect?

The personal information we collect is the information requested via our recruitment application or other materials which you may provide in communicating with us. This includes, but is not limited to, your name, contact details, work history, educational history, self-identified skillsets, and any other information which you may include in a form response, CV submission, cover letter submission or other materials submitted for your recruitment application. Internally we may also generate and retain notes and commentary related to the review of your application for employment.

For purposes of information security and tracking usage trends we may also collect standard metadata associated with the use of our site or other communications including IP address and internet browser parameters.

We may also obtain personal information about you from other third parties. Such third party information may include data obtained from suppliers/partners including, but not limited to, background screening, drug testing, fraud detection, recruitment agencies, training academies, or academic institutions. Such information provided by third parties is either public record (e.g., criminal record history) or information which you have agreed to release to other parties via your agreement(s) with those parties (e.g., release of academic records).

Why do we collect this information and what is it used for ?

We may use and process your personal data to pursue our legitimate interests as a business for the purposes described below.

Personal information is collected for the purpose of soliciting, screening and evaluating potential candidates for employment or other engagement with our Company. We may use aggerated and non-personally identifiable information (e.g., university name, time of submission, stated skillsets) to assess trends in our recruitment activities for the purpose of improving our success in recruiting qualified candidates. We may also use the personal information you submit to communicate with you regarding the status of any application you make with your company (e.g., calling you to schedule an interview).

We also use data for the purposes of monitoring and securing our technical systems, which is critical to keeping your information secure.

We may make unsolicited contact with you using systems and services provided by third parties. In such cases our use of that data and your consent for use of personal data for that purpose is governed by your contractual relationship with such third parties (e.g., LinkedIn).

Personal information may also be used for purposes of protecting the Company’s legal rights and obligations to the extent permitted or required by law (e.g., completing regulatory documentation). We may also be compelled to release personal information in response to a subpoena or other legal demand to the extent required by law.

Where is my information stored?

Our Site is accessible from anywhere in the world, but information submitted to us is physically stored on servers located in the United States of America (“USA”) in the first instance.

Our Company may have personnel located anywhere in the world and data submitted to our Company may be viewed or downloaded by Company personnel onto Company assets located anywhere in the world. While the use of your data remains that as specified in this document and access to that data will remain limited to Company employees and contractors, the worldwide nature of our Company and international electronic communications means that your personal data may be physically transferred to or through countries that do not provide the same level of legal data protection as your home country.

How is my information secured?

Our Company has implemented generally accepted standards of physical and logical security practices to protect data from loss, misuse, interception, altercation or destruction.

Only Company personnel, or contracted third parties, authorized to view data for the purposes of participating in our recruitment review process, or those responsible for maintaining associated technical systems are permitted to view this data. However, despite these industry standard practices, we cannot and do not provide any warranty or guarantee that unauthorized persons will not obtain access to your personal data.

Do you utilize “cookies” on your site?

e may utilize cookies on our website for the purpose of supporting technical systems required for your visit, tracking user volumes, tracking technical trends (e.g., browser type, screen size) and site browsing behaviors. Acceptance of cookies offered by our site is voluntary and controlled by your own browser’s security settings, which you control. If you do not want to store cookies on your device do not accept cookies that our servers attempt to place onto your device. For more information on blocking cookies please consult the documentation for your device or browser. Note that blocking cookies may adversely impact your ability to use our site.

  • Session cookies: These cookies do not contain any personal information and are used for managing your local device’s engagement with our server during the course of your visit to the site. These cookies are deleted once you close your browser.
  • Google Analytics: These cookies assist in tracking usage statistics for our site and improving the overall performance of our site. The processing of data collected via these cookies is handled by Google. For more information about Google’s privacy policy visit:

Will my data be sold or shared with any third party?

We will not sell your personal data.

We may share your data with 3rd parties that provide services to our Company to assist us in completing our legitimate interest in processing your data. Such 3rd parties may include providers of services in the areas of data storage, communications, information security, government services, financial services, or legal advisors. These providers are predominantly located in the USA and European Union but such data may be transmitted or stored anywhere in the world.

Where our Company engages 3rd parties to assist in our legitimate interest processing of your data we will only disclose to them the information required for them to provide contracted services to the Company (e.g., the servers that run this website). We do not permit such vendors to sell or share your data with other third parties. We also have contracts and agreements in place to ensure that industry best practice standards are followed by such vendors for keeping your information secure.

Note that the Company may be compelled to release or share your personal information with a 3rd party in response to a subpoena or other legal demand and we may not be required, or permitted, to notify you that such a demand for your personal information was made.

In the event of any sale or transfer of all or part of our Company to another party we may also transfer your personal data to a new entity as part of this transaction to enable that future entity to continue storing and processing of data under its legitimate interest for running its business. The purpose for holding and processing such data would remain as described in this document.

How long will you retain my data?

We may retain personally identifiable information for a period of up to 8 years for the purpose of maintaining a consistent applicant history for those that may submit applications multiple times over this period, and for record-keeping requirements to the extent required by law.

We may maintain aggregated, anonymized or non-personally identifiable information indefinitely for the purposes of tracking the performance of our recruitment activities and increasing our success in attracting qualified candidates.

What if I don’t want you to have my personal information after it has already been submitted (withdrawing consent)?

You may terminate your application with us at any time by notifying our recruitment team at Note that as described above we may continue to retain your personal information for a period of up to 8 years following a terminated application.

If, after submitting your personal information to us, you would like that information to be removed from our systems you must notify our Data Protection Officer in writing via certified letter to:

Legal Department
CKM Analytix
200 W 41st St
New York, NY 10036

We will acknowledge and act upon such notification to the extent required by law.

May I request a copy of my data in the Company’s possession (accessing personal information)?

You may request a copy of personal data we hold on you by making such a request via certified letter to our Data Protection Officer at:

Legal Department
Attn: Data Protection Officer
CKM Analytix
200 W 41st St
New York, NY 10036
We will acknowledge and act upon such notification to the extent required by law.

How may I object to your use of my personal information (objecting to use)?

Our use of your personal information is carried out to complete the legitimate interests of running our Company and for the reasons stated within this document. By providing us with your personal data you are agreeing to our use as described in this privacy policy. If you do not agree with such use to not submit your data to us. If you feel we are using your data in a way that violates this policy please notify us in writing via certified letter to our Data Protection Officer at:

Legal Department
Attn: Data Protection Officer
CKM Analytix
200 W 41st St
New York, NY 10036
We will acknowledge and act upon such notification to the extent required by law.