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T-K: The Intelligence Engine to Improve any Business Operation

T-K analyzes your business from 30,000 feet and all the way down to a single employee’s mouse click using a 100% datadriven approachThe work performed within your business produces disparate data sets and T-K harnesses this data to give work meaning. T-Ks focuses on improving service quality, efficiency and lowering operational risks. T-K reduces cost while at the same time improving employee and customer satisfaction. 

T-K: Product Information

Repetitive Work

Eliminate unnecessary work for increased efficiency
and lower operational risk.

  • Reduce ticket volume
  • Automate the right process
  • Uncover patterns of incoming work

Use Case

Service Desk Capacity

Effectively match capacity with demand to improve
service levels at the right cost.

  • Reduce staffing costs
  • Increase service levels
  • Accelerate the scheduling process

Use Case

Ticket Category Metrics

Measure efficiency and service quality by agent.

  • Reduce mean time to resolve (MTTR)
  • Reduce escalation rates
  • Increase employee performance

Use Case

Process Mining

Streamline processes by uncovering patterns of
wasted time and effort.

  • Eliminate bottlenecks
  • Eliminate ping-pong
  • Reduce number of agents touching tickets

Use Case