Pierre Buhler, CEO

Pierre is a co-founder of CKM. He has more than 20 years of experience working both as a line manager and a consultant in several industries, especially financial services, consumer goods and retail. His areas of expertise include digital analytics, technology and operations, cost containment, strategic sourcing, large-scale outsourcing/off-shoring, and organizational/business line restructuring.

Prior to joining CKM, Pierre worked with Alix Partners as a Managing Director. His earlier experience includes launching Mitchell Madison Group in New York, an advisory firm specializing in business sourcing and outsourcing. Before that, he was a partner with Deloitte Consulting and the head of procurement and corporate services with Chase Manhattan Bank. Pierre also worked in Private Equity for Charterhouse in London.

Pierre holds an MBA from INSEAD, Fontainebleau, and a BS degree in political science from IEP Strasbourg, France.

Eric Chung, Managing Principal

Eric is a Managing Principal at CKM. He has worked at CKM since 2012 to help develop CKM’s unique approach to applying data science in technology service operations. He has worked with several Fortune 500 companies to drive their data analytics initiatives through data science, data engineering, data ingestion, and the deployment of data science applications.

Eric specializes in efficiency and service remediation in complex organizations ranging from low to high levels of data maturity. He has worked with clients across several industry verticals including aerospace and defense, industrials, financial services, consumer goods, natural resources, energy, utilities and government agencies. He has used process mining and simulation to help a major industrials conglomerate assign $2.4 M worth of service penalties to vendors by pinpointing worst-performing cases and identifying root causes. For a 200,000-headcount organization he helped develop the data pipelines and models to isolate and identify end-user hardware and software issues in real-time.

Eric holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Columbia University.

Tom DeWinne, Head of Sales

As a hands-on leader, Tom De Winne has over 20 years of experience in strategy execution and accelerated delivery of complex enterprise-wide change efforts. Tom’s ability to engage stakeholders and maintain a focus on delivering results and innovation while at the same time growing internal capabilities of his clients has made him a thought leader in execution of corporate transformations through optimization and pragmatic delivery of major business transformation and continuous improvement efforts.

Tom’s delivery experience spans across a variety of different industries including major delivery efforts for a diverse range of Fortune 500 companies including DXC, Vodafone, British Telecom, Alcatel Lucent, EE (UK’s largest mobile operator), Chevron, General Motors and Siemens. He has held leading roles in different professional services and SI firms such as AT Kearney, Deloitte and the Alten Group.

Nick Hartman, Head of Solutions

Nick is Head of Solutions and a co-owner of CKM. He pulls from 10+ years experience developing methods for applying advanced data science towards driving business performance improvement and risk mitigation.

As a frequent contributor to CKM’s blog and at Meetups, Nick frequently writes and speaks on issues related to driving expanded and improved use of data within business operations. Within CKM he manages the technical and functional solution pipeline, including working with clients to drive continuous innovation on how CKM’s technologies empower improved digital transformation of business processes.

Nick holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Cambridge, where he was a Marshall Scholar, and a BS in Chemistry from Penn State University. He also serves as a board member on several industry advisory boards ranging from aviation to academic technology transfer.

Nick’s CKM blog contributions: www.ckmanalytix.com/blog/

Nick’s CKM meetup contributions: www.meetup.com/meetup-group-pGckKtzj/

Anjali Kampschulte, Head of Human Resources & Staffing

Anjali is the head of Human Resources at CKM. She has over 15 years of experience with a record of accomplishment in organizational effectiveness, scenario modeling, client relationship cultivation, project execution, service line and geographic expansion, and intellectual capital generation.

Prior to joining CKM, Anjali worked at boutique management consulting firms including Mitchell Madison Group, OC&C Strategy Consultants, and the Censeo Consulting Group. Anjali has implemented forward-thinking organizational strategies across the globe, including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Toronto, London, Paris, and Sri Lanka.

Anjali holds an MBA from Yale University, and a BA degree in economics from the University of Chicago. She also holds a General Course certificate from the London School of Economics.

Curtis Morikawa, Head of Delivery, Technology and Admin

Curtis is a co-founder of CKM. He has more than 25 years working as a consultant and line manager. As a consultant, Curtis has served financial institutions, investment, and asset management companies in addressing legal, regulatory, organizational, and operational issues. His areas of experience include digital analytics, re-engineering, organization design, procurement and cost reduction.

Prior to joining CKM, Curtis served as the Managing Partner of OC&C Strategy Consultants' New York office and was a founding Partner of the Mitchell Madison Group. He has also managed a securities operations division of a merchant bank with responsibilities for securities transfer, shareholder relations and compliance.

Curtis received an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a BS in applied mathematics from Brown University.

Evan Thorne, Managing Principal

Evan is a Managing Principal at CKM, where he is responsible for the delivery of several data science engagements, as well as the recruiting for both London and NYC Offices. He has demonstrated expertise in IT operations and advanced techniques in data sanitization and manipulation, process optimization, natural language processing, and data visualization. Additional, specific domain knowledge includes Real Estate, Media, Retail, Marketing, and Application Development.

Behind the scenes at CKM, Evan has made valuable cultural contributions by planning company offsites, office moves, evaluations and mentoring programs. Evan presents a unique academic background, with a triple-degree in Mathematics, Computer Science and French Studies at Wesleyan University.

Gerardo Veltri, Managing Principal

Gerardo is a Managing Principal at CKM where he leads data science projects in the field of IT workforce analytics, site reliability and general infrastructure operations. Areas of expertise in delivery include engineering data pipelines for the measurement and analysis of information systems/processes and the development of unsupervised clustering approaches for the modeling of application dependencies and categorization of labor. Technically, Gerardo has leveraged operational data in IT (e.g. utilization metrics, traffic flow, system logs, ticketing systems) as well as worked significantly with natural language processing techniques and graph analysis to deliver results to his stakeholders and clients.

Gerardo employs a solution-oriented approach where it makes sense: deploying dashboards in Python (Flask, Django), visualization in D3, CI/CD with GitLab and Jenkins, and cloud IT management in AWS. He manages CKM’s internal applications and technology, in which he supports a network of applications, services and vendors with a small organization of engineers.

Gerardo holds a BA in German Literature from Princeton University and has conducted coursework there and at Columbia University in the field of Computer Science. His personal and open-source projects are available on his GitHub profile.

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