CKM specializes in transforming data into actionable insights. Since 2011, our goal has been to change the way companies make operational and strategic decisions. We believe the power of data can be used to inform, improve, and enable our clients’ key management decisions. From top Fortune 500 firms to NGOs, we work with organizations across the globe to provide impactful recommendations and applications.


At CKM, we are at the forefront of applying data science to inform strategic decision-making and drive operational improvement. Grounded in data and driven by the client's needs, our solutions encompass highly attuned machine learning algorithms as well as application-based analytical engines.

Our success is driven by our team-centric approach which seamlessly combines the brightest minds in data science, business and development. Bringing these capabilities together makes our teams adept at tackling the many unique challenges our clients face.

Clients trust us to employ advanced methods of ingesting and analyzing data towards the goal of solving a business problem. To that end, our teams translate analysis into business action through cutting-edge visualizations, recommendations, and data science applications. In striving for complete transparency, openness and reusability in our work, we never offer up a “black-box” solution.