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Our Teams

Our teams of data science and business professionals work in collaboration to develop solutions using digital analytics.

Our Data Scientists design and implement these solutions spanning the analytics stack: extraction, modeling, processing and visualization.

Our Data Science Engineers create applications for productionized analyses, architect infrastructure and design processes for extracting and transforming data on demand.

Working together, our teams combine their strong analytics backgrounds with business-oriented approaches to unlock measurable value for our clients.

Open Positions

“The number one asset at CKM is our people. Our leaders understand that Data Science is, after all, a science: one that relies on experimentation and learning from failures. This means each team member gets the authority and autonomy to drive their own work, while receiving support and mentorship for their professional development. In and out of project work, our culture is open and collaborative, from code sharing to annual offsites and blind pizza tastings, or maybe even a teacup pig party.”

Evan Thorne, Managing Principal

"Not only are our staff great business professionals, but they are also entrepreneurs who are committed to building a better firm. While we wear multiple hats day-to-day, we each have our own expertise that makes the firm intellectually diverse."

Gerardo Veltri, Managing Principal