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EINDHOVEN, THE NETHERLANDS – September 8, 2014 – For the last few years the concept of ‘Big Data’ has dominated headlines and corporate catch phrases. However, below these headlines are many loud grumbles of frustration as companies realize that mountains of data will not, on its own, translate into valuable output. For many, the expected promises of ‘Big Data’ may remain unfulfilled. Thus, when a data science firm is consistently and independently recognized for delivering the best results, it is worth taking note.

CKM Advisors has been named as the winner of the 2014 Business Process Intelligence Challenge. The competition challenges entrants to leverage a set of business process data to derive actionable insights for stakeholders. Entries were submitted from an international group of commercial and academic organizations. A PDF copy of CKM’s winning entry is available here.

The announcement was made at the 12th International Conference on Business Process Management in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The annual meeting is the premier gathering of process mining professionals, including the IEEE Task Force on Process Mining.

Nicholas McBride, a member of the winning team, commented that “this work highlights the increasing value that data mining and analytics bring to businesses that seek to fundamentally understand the data that they already have. Business processes inevitably leave a trail of digital echoes through their everyday operation. By listening to this data are able to understand the true shape of each process better than ever and thereby identify opportunities for actionable improvement.”

CKM Advisors combines scientifically trained data analytics professionals and business centric individuals to translate data into decisions for executives. The firm focuses on ensuring the results of its data science efforts become integrated into its client’s daily business practices.

“If you look at the information available to leaders and managers today, too much of it simply isn’t transparent or actionable,” Nicholas Hartman, a director at CKM Advisors, said. “Rather than summarized bullet points on a slide, simplistic red/amber/green statuses or a focus on what happened in the past, we deliver insightful analysis and actionable data-driven recommendations that will make a measurable, profitable difference today and tomorrow.”

Pierre Buhler, a principal with the firm, summarized its strategy as “helping clients make sense of their data, real-time, while combining the unique skills of scientifically trained professionals and those of seasoned business leaders to achieve exceptional and sustainable returns.”

Download additional materials related to this white paper:

A copy of the firm’s winning BPIC 2014 entry is available for download here

A summary of the firm’s winning BPIC2 2012 entry along with a PDF of the original submission is available here

The firm’s top 3 finishing paper from the BPIC 2013 competition is available here.

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Nicholas McBride (left) of CKM Advisors accepts the first place award for the 2014 Business Process Intelligence Challenge in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. (source: Courtesy The International Conference on Business Process Management)

The winning 2014 BPIC data science team from CKM Advisors includes, from left, (front row) Nicholas McBride, Emily Kuo, Danielle DeJoy, Natalie Shoup (back row) Robert O’Callaghan, Soline Aubry, Nicholas Hartman and Pierre Buhler. (source: CKM Advisors)

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