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Gerardo Veltri, Head of Innovation and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Gerardo is Head of Innovation at CKM where he leads research and innovation in the fields of data science, IT workforce analytics, site reliability, and general infrastructure operations. Areas of expertise include engineering data pipelines for the measurement and analysis of information systems/processes and the development of unsupervised clustering approaches for the modeling of application dependencies and categorization of labor. Technically, Gerardo has leveraged operational data in IT (e.g. utilization metrics, traffic flow, system logs, ticketing systems) as well as worked significantly with natural language processing techniques and graph analysis to deliver results to his stakeholders and clients.

Gerardo employs a solution-oriented approach where it makes sense: deploying dashboards in Python (Flask, Django), visualization in D3, CI/CD with GitLab and Jenkins, and cloud IT management in AWS. He manages CKM’s internal applications and technology, in which he supports a network of applications, services, and vendors with a small organization of engineers.

Gerardo holds a BA in german literature from Princeton University and has conducted coursework there and at Columbia University in the field of computer science.