It’s Time to Move on from Re-Engineering


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Why use the same old re-engineering approach?

1. Because that’s how we’ve always done it!

2. No need to explain to senior management what we’re doing, as long as it brings even minimal improvements.

3. Vendors invent cool, new names like “lean” to fool us into believing we’re doing something other than re-engineering, but it’s still re-engineering…

4. Benchmarks with competitors can easily be refreshed, keeping us forever in the top quartile.

5. If we do something new, we might disclose our incompetence and lose our jobs!


Do Better, Use Digital Analytics

1. You should never settle for improvements below 25%. Ever.

2. Digital analytics techniques cost a third of traditional re-engineering efforts.

3. Digital data in your organization can show everything your organization is doing AS it is doing it (real-time).

4. The data stays in your organization at all times, so it is easy to monitor your successes and remediate your failures continuously.

5. You and your team can put digital analytics techniques in place within a few months.

6. Your competitors have seen the light and are using digital analytics to gain an advantage as you read this.

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