Data Science Community

CKM is actively engaged in the growing and collaborative community of technologists and practitioners across data science specialties. Our team members are regular participants and speakers at a range of formal and informal tech and analytics meet-ups around New York and the world. CKM is leading a Meetup entitled "Data Science for Operations".

Pro Bono Work

A portion of the firm’s resources is dedicated towards pro bono activities. We have collaborated with Data-Pop Alliance, ICAAD (International Center for Advocates Against Discrimination) and Global Insight International to leverage our expertise in Data Analytics for the benefit of women’s rights in the Pacific Islands. Using a case law dataset, we leverage text classification and topic modeling techniques in order to track over time how traditional practices may affect judicial decisions in domestic violence and sexual assault cases. This project has been announced as one of the Commitments to Action during the 2014 Clinton Global Initiative meeting and will be a yearlong engagement.


Teams from CKM also occasionally compete in public data science competitions. Teams from the firm won the 2012 and 2014 Business Process Intelligence Challenge amongst a highly competitive pool of academic and commercial entrants.