Pro Bono Recap: Unite Ideas


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CKM Advisors was announced the winner of the United Nation’s challenge to build a prototype for the Technology Facilitation Mechanism online platform.

A team of CKM data scientists and developers built a search platform that unifies science and technology offers, requests, and publications from reputable, UN-sanctioned sources. Team members on the project included David Alper, Pranav Badami, Lorena De La Parra Landa, Adam Emrich, Carolina Gonzalez, Elya Pardes, William Roberts, Alex Siega, Kyle Stanley, Spencer Stebbins, Einar Stennson, and Marshall Van Loon.

Press release announcing CKM as the winning team
Video of the Prototype
The Original Challenge Description

Check out this video of the CKM Pro-Bono team discussing the challenge: