Thank You – To all Operations Visionaries in Service Industries

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The last few years have seen a definite emergence of digitalization across all sectors of the service industry.  Driven by client needs across many channels of communication, by work from home for many workers, by flexible work environments, by advances in technology, by democratization of analytics and data science, by the advent of easier automation, and by the transition to knowledge work, this change is likely unstoppable now.

As a result of these changes, operational leaders have access to more and more data and sometimes to more and more information.  These operations warriors are handling the onslaught with grace and resolve.  Many of them are engineers by training and they find themselves with more data than they ever had, they like it.  Some of the decisions are being taken by tools such as automation engines or AI ops systems.  But the overall environment continues to become more complex on an aggregate basis.  And human decision makers and enablers remain key to our societal transformation in a digital age; you are the Operations Visionaries.

Solution providers are all integrating some form of AI and ML into their focused solutions, change teams are becoming more and more data science driven, reporting machines are including more and more advanced models, all that adds to the chaos in terms of differentiating data from information and how it should support human decision making.

The Operations Visionaries are in charge of making or enabling key decisions that now include the input from the multitude of new digital channels.  And in the most advanced cases, data is being bombarded and updated in real-time.  We want to recognize all these Visionaries who are building the world of tomorrow.

CKM Analytix and T-K, its service operations intelligence engine, are giving the Operations Visionaries a complete view of the landscape in which they operate, in real-time and end-to-end.  They provide the Visionaries with AI and ML driven alerts and recommendations that allow them to make better informed decisions, take more timely actions, and achieve broader-reaching impact.  The Operations Visionaries are handling this new world, not only with more data, but, more critically, with meaningful information.

Because in the end, the new digital world brings the promise of better service to clients, an ability to adjust to fast changing environments, new levels of operational efficiency and effectiveness, and last but not least, better mitigated operational risks.

We at CKM Analytix want to recognize all the Operations Visionaries in the new digitalized world, we welcome your efforts, we welcome your perspectives, we are sure that you are the warriors that are creating and enabling a new dawn for all humans.