The ‘Effort’ of Understanding: Making Sense of Bottlenecks in Business Workflow

bottlenecks in data science

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(This is part one of our effort-model discussion. Please see part two here.)

Modern businesses are always trying to make the best use of their employees’ time.  Managers are tasked with understanding and resolving bottlenecks in time management through human analysis alone.  While this was the only option available many years ago, the integration of technology in the modern workplace allows for a more granular approach to both retrieving and understanding this data.  CKM employs algorithms combined with brainpower to answer the fundamental questions that affect workflow in every aspect of a business.  This approach allows a company to honestly answer the question: Who Does What Work When?

Multiple Data streams can muddy the raw data

Muddying the Water: When Multiple Data-Streams Fail 

Complex and imperfect streams of data from multiple systems often make the fundamental and seemingly simple matter of who/what/when not so simple or easy.  At CKM Analytix, we have grappled with this challenge for years.  Along the way, we have distilled our accumulated expertise into a set of algorithms that we call the “effort model.”  

The effort model produces a detailed and, even more importantly, realistic accounting of every relevant task performed within a functional area of an organization.  This “work table” becomes the basis for further analyses that deliver an array of actionable insights

Crystal clear data analysis

The Sieve: Accurate Effort Modeling for Crystal Clear Data

At CKM, our Effort Model helps businesses better understand who does what, when.  Further, with the assistance of our T-K software, we can make predictive associations between the Effort Model and true productivity.  Together, our solution helps the modern workplace open up the bottlenecks and meet the demands of its customers on time, maximizing the abilities of their staff based on data beyond unintended bias and unrealistic expectations.    


Why Use CKM’s Effort Model?

  • Testing and validation: our approach has proven its worth through many iterations and sets of real-world data across functional areas such as service desks, field services, and recruiting, and across a number of industries including BPO/Outsourcing, Telecoms, Banking, and Insurance.
  • Multi-source data integration: different sources of data are not ingested in isolation.  We follow work items and the people performing them across whatever systems they interact with.
  • Real-time data processing: the work table can be quickly updated and used to monitor the health of the organization along many different dimensions.   
  • Continuous updates: through close collaboration between data scientists and software engineers, CKM’s T-K software incorporates all our latest refinements to the effort model.