Data Discovery

CKM specializes in solving problems using hard data. To do this effectively, we dive deep into multitudes of data held by our clients’ organizations, identify key sources to inform issues, and understand exactly how these data can be used to make your organization more agile, powerful, and profitable. The CKM Data Discovery Process allows us to perform these steps as concisely and quickly as possible so that you can begin to unleash the power of your data.

Data Ingestion

Data ingestion goes beyond simple data cleanup and normalization operations. At CKM, we believe that to truly capture all the value from data we need to fundamentally understand the utility and limitations of each data element at the most granular level. We stringently define and document how to apply each piece of content to solve your business problem.

Data Analysis

Our industry-leading data scientists and engineers are fully integrated on co-located teams. Because of this unprecedented connection to both the worlds of action and information, we are able to drive bottom line value for your organization leveraging the most cutting-edge advances in predictive modeling, unstructured text mining, machine learning, and statistical analyses.

Recommendations and Visualization

We know that the key to unlocking the potential of our clients’ data is in the fundamentals of connecting data from many sources and displaying the results in a context that is meaningful for their business. We use a variety of leading data visualization tools and technologies as well as economically efficient customized solutions to place the most important information in front of your eyes and deliver truly actionable insights for the betterment of your business.